Allie is User Experience Librarian at Portland Community College, where she user researches, references, teaches, outreaches, and star bellied sneetches—although she very nearly ended up with the job title “resident nerd”.

Since Fall 2007 she has taught 4070 students for 15425 minutes in at least 203 different classes and workshops. Allie’s given up on students remembering her name and now enthusiastically responds to, “Haaaaaay zombie librarian! Sup?”

Professional passions include exploding existing library instruction models; incorporating zombies, mermaids, and mummies into instruction; marketing (with and without social media); and exploring virtual reference outside of the mainstream channels. Off-duty passions include robots, crochet, photography, and roller derby.

Shiny collections: AstronomyBiologyChemistryDental AssistingDental HygieneDental LabGeologyLibrary/Media Assistant,MeteorologyNursingOceanographyPhysicsWriting

I skate for the Wreckers. This means I wear skates and hit people for fun.




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