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Getting so pumped for the show. We’re getting…

Getting so pumped for the show. We're getting clooooooser!

#burlesque   #comedy   #pdx  ?

Tatas for Libraries Tickets, Portland – Eventbrite

Eventbrite – EveryLibrary presents Tatas for Libraries – Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Norse Hall, Portland, OR. Find event and ticket information.

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I appreciate these women and their work…

I appreciate these women and their work so freakin much?

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I’m here for your money. In exchange you…

I'm here for your money. In exchange you'll get a helluva good time and some altruistic feels for supporting a damned fine non-profit.

Tickets on sale at, please come out and support the cause at #tatasforlibs .

Plus, that's me on a poster! ?

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I really enjoy that Chrome knows the only…

I really enjoy that Chrome knows the only reason I ever type t-w- into the address bar is because I am going to the twitter feed of Delivered Dish to see if they have posted any free food delivery codes.

P.S. they have?

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Job Title: Customer Service-2nd Shift (Recreation…

Job Title: Customer Service-2nd Shift (Recreation Coordinator 1-Customer Service-Support/Training)
Opening Date: Mon. 8/04/14    
Closing Date/Time: Mon. 08/18/14 4:30 PM Pacific Time  
Salary: $20.90- $25.62 Hourly
This position is involved with the scheduling, assessing, coordinating, and evaluating the training and work of the Sunday through Thursday late afternoon/evening shift. The position provides support to field staff and central services and assists in recruiting, selecting, training and scheduling customer service employees. Although not required, experience with Activenet would be highly desirable. Persons appointed to limited term positions will be designated as limited duration employees whose appointment shall not exceed two (2) years except for the extension of grants or funding from outside sources.
To assist you in understanding this position and the recruitment process, we will offer an Optional Information Session that will provide you with details about the Customer Service-2nd Shift (Recreation Coordinator I-Customer Service-Support/Training) position and about the application process. You are not required to attend to apply for this job, but attending will help you with the application process. You are welcome to join us for this optional session:

Monday August 11, 2014
Portland Metropolitan Workforce Training Center
5600 NE 42nd Avenue
Building 1, Rm.132
Portland, Or.
For the complete job announcement and to apply for this position, please visit our website at:
For more information about how to apply online contact:
Diane Avery at (503) 823-3519 or email:

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If this is the first time you are using the NEOGOV system, please visit our Employment Center for instructions on creating your account. Once your account has been established, simply click on the job title you are interested in, then click on the “Apply” link. Build your application by clicking …

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I knocked my phone off the couch and it…

I knocked my phone off the couch and it did this. Peculiar.?

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Just read this and finally understood it…

Just read this and finally understood it, profoundly.

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” – Samuel Johnson?

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yardberries galore!

yardberries galore!?

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psychedelic dog on chair

psychedelic dog on chair?

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Dear Friends of Race Talks­,

Dear Friends of Race Talks­,

Please join us for the upcoming Race Talks program at 
Kennedy School
5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland. 
Phone: 503.249-3983 
Website:  Kennedy School events
Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Free/All Ages
7pm – 9pm; Doors open at 6pm; 
**Come early to meet, network and eat dinner with friends. 
"Community Policing"
Sponsored by
City Auditor's Independent Police Review/Citizen Review Committee
Meet the Citizen Review Committee 
and Share Your Thoughts about Portland Police Bureau's Engagement with Community
There will be small group discussions facilitated by trained volunteers from: Uniting to Understand Racism and City of Portland Intergroup Dialogue Program

RACE TALKS is a free series co-sponsored by Donna Maxey (Founder/Director of Race Talks), World Arts Foundation, Resolutions Northwest, and McMenamins. 

Please forward this email and poster pasted below to any group, business, school, class, and individual you feel might be interested. If you have questions or suggestions about the upcoming program (or the series in general), please contact us at the email addresses given below. And  remember, Race Talks T-shirts are available for purchase at the program for $20; and there will be prizes raffled to raise funds for Race Talks.

Mark Tuesday, September 9 on your calendar for the next Race Talks program at Kennedy School:  

"Driver's Licenses for ALL? 
A Discussion of the Safe Roads Drivers Campaign ”
Lastly, RACE TALKS 2 presents its next program tonight, Tuesday, August 5, 2014 
Doors at 6pm; Program 7-9pm 
at Jefferson High School’s cafeteria, 
5210 N. Kerby Ave. between Killingsworth & Alberta streets, Portland. 
FREE/All Ages
"Community Policing" [same program as the one listed above at Kennedy School the following week]
RACE TALKS 2, a free series presented by Portland Public Schools Office of Equity & Diversity and Donna Maxey, Founder/Director of Race Talks, is held the first Tuesday of every month. ?

Uniting to Understand Racism

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