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Phew. Presentation made, now I can share…

Phew. Presentation made, now I can share things with the world.

Wonder what I spent the last long while working on? Here it is!

Not done, will never be done (permanent beta ftw), but I made my sabbatical presentation to the college today… and have subsequently been asked to turn this work into a series of 30 minute lightweight workshops, tentatively thinking of calling it a Tinkerer's Workshop and inviting people to come tinker with how they teach.

Also? It was delightful to give a talk about how things change…to specifically highlight my proposal and how none of it came true as predicted, and about how much more value I got out of just "going with it."?

Overview – Curiosity Project – LibGuides at Portland Community College

Summary I have a theory. It’s that supporting curiosity leads to greater academic persistence and improved student success. There are many theoretical approaches to supporting student curiosity and inquiry; this proposal is about taking time to explore teaching and learning by using …

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You may be interested in the following two…

You may be interested in the following two bills, sponsored by AFT-Oregon, that deal specifically with adjunct faculty issues. 

The first one is SB 702, which will allow adjuncts who work at more than one college to qualify for healthcare. SB 702 increases adjunct faculty access to healthcare by allowing adjuncts who teach at multiple colleges and universities to combine their FTE to qualify for employer paid healthcare. The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday 4/16 at 1pm in Salem.

The second one is HB 3508, which would provide access to unemployment insurance to community college instructors during summer if they would normally teach a class during that term. Recently passed in Washington state and supported by the employment department, this bill creates fairness for faculty that have contingent teaching assignments. The public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday 4/15 at 8am in Salem.?

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In this hangout you’ll hear from people…

The Tinkering Studio originally shared this post:

In this hangout you’ll hear from people who have been directly involved in planning and running new making and tinkering spaces with different audiences in mind (museums, schools and libraries). In two cases the paint hasn’t dried (or even been applied yet…), meaning they are in the planning and building process now. Everyone on the panel will reflect on their experiences up to this point, offer advice and suggestions to each other, and respond to questions you might have about their process.

Heather Singh from the Thinkery in Austin, TX
Casey Shea from Analy High School in Sebastopol, CA
Adam Rogers from North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries
Brent Richardson from the Houston Children’s Museum / Maker Annex
Samar Darwish Kirresh from the Walid and Helen Kattan Science Education Project in Ramallah – Palestine

Heather just helped launch the Thinkery’s newest addition, called Space 8: a Maker Lab for ages 8 and up. The Thinkery (formerly, the Austin Children’s Museum) recently underwent a major reinvention of their organization. This process has affected every square inch of their building, not to mention the programs they offer inside it.  

Casey teaches a class called Project Make, which is where we first met.  He was setting up a classroom space inside of the O’Reilly offices nearby. Since then he has been given a wonderful old space that he uses as a classroom for both his students and other teachers in his district, introducing both to the merits of making as part of a normal class day.

Brent, from the Houston Children’s Museum, recently opened their new Maker Annex, with help from the Chevron Corporation. At CMH they realize that kids have always made things, but in the Maker Annex, they’ll be encouraged to tinker and learn new skills to bring their designs to life.

Adam is a librarian specializing in emerging technologies and recently launched the Hunt Library maker space inside of a magnificent new library on the campus of NCSU, where they completely reimagined what a library could offer to students. That space was so well received that he’s at it again—this time creating a bigger and better maker space for their pre-existing main library building.

Samar is opening a space in Ramallah with a long-range vision: starting with a small and experimental space meant to inform a new building and science centre that is still a few years out. It’ll be fun to see what they’re imagining now, where they’re hoping to take the work in the future, and to check back in on progress along the way.?

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Libraries in the Internet Age (Free Version…

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Chemical Party

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Assisting someone with finals research caused…

Assisting someone with finals research caused me to glance at this list of topics on Violence Against Women… I didn't know about some of these. I am further saddened. 

Acid throwing 
Breast ironing 
Bride burning 
Domestic violence 
Domestic violence and pregnancy 
Dowry death 
Honor killing 
Female genital mutilation 
Gishiri cutting 
Foot binding 
Forced abortion 
Forced pregnancy 
Forced prostitution 
Human trafficking 
Murder of pregnant women 
Sexual slavery 
Sexual violence 
Violence against prostitutes 
Witch trials?

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Hunting for recent examples of particularly…

Hunting for recent examples of particularly effective library strategic plans. I'm hunting on behalf of an academic library, but am quite pleased to look at any and all recommendations. ?

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She sent me flowers at work!

She sent me flowers at work! 

I am…stunned. Amazed. Trying not to grin stupidfacededly.?

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One Good Day

One Good Day

There are so many things you have to sacrifice in the name of one good day. Like this album, so beautiful it rips holes in me. I only get to listen to it once a year or so. I used to listen to it on repeat for days on end, just painting and smoking.

For some people music is a tether, it keeps them connected to the physical plane. Reminds them to feel on a scale they're not generally capable of writing on their own.

God, why do I feel so big? Why are these feelings so large inside of me like a traitor under my breast? I have a secret.

Sometimes I think there is a lot more wrong with me than I ever tell you.

I don't know how to find contentment in this life, in any life.

Thoughts and emotions are like tumors, they grow silently and unnoticed– killing you all the while. There is so much wrong inside of this world, outside in the world. I think sometimes that it will turn black and begin to peel at the edges. Not just in my head where the pictures are so vivid, but outside where the people are so hurt. So afraid.

I'm afraid I must have been some kind of superhero who missed her dimension by a stop or two. Why would anyone come into this world with so much reception? It's pointless, I'm picking up stations I don't have the heart to listen to anymore. In some other world there must have been a place for a girl like me. I don't know what happened to those voices from my childhood. Stations I didn't have the heart to listen to. I don't hear them now and that is so scary. More scary than before because I fear it means I'm losing some humanity.

No, no. I know. I know. You don't understand. You never understand. No understanding. The mosquitoes are buzzing and the cats are howling and no one understands how to feel this anymore. I think my thoughts and they are scary to some people.

I know, I know. You don't understand. You're shaking me. Stop. Fingermarks in my shoulders and I still can't hear them. I love you and you're so beautiful, you really need a tan. Rasp of whiskers burning reminders into my face and I can't tear you out of there. I don't dream about you anymore and sometimes it's silent when I sleep. Why do I love him so? Because he knows where I live. But no one really knows where I live. Not in this world. Not anymore.

There's no milk for the tea and it's too sweet inside, covering the rot. I know, I know you don't understand but I don't want you to write me songs; just give me something to sing about when the shaking stops and I can pretend she sleeps. You want waking dreams and endless beauty wrapped up in the grayest of days but you can't have it all girl, you can't have it all. Let the edges turn black and peel. You can't have it all girl, you can't have it all.?

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Yes, I bought the store out of almond nog…

Yes, I bought the store out of almond nog. People with food allergies fear scarcity. ?

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