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Yes, I bought the store out of almond nog…

Yes, I bought the store out of almond nog. People with food allergies fear scarcity. ?

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I haven’t felt this downtrodden in quite…

I haven't felt this downtrodden in quite a long time.

Two years worth of research and work. A 42 page report. A detailed plan for how to present the report to the EAC (our faculty senate, basically) and call for a vote…

Only to be forcibly and obviously sabotaged by the EAC chair, who is also a member of the task force. I was always uncomfortable letting the chair of the umbrella group join the task force because, as expected, she asserted her influence all over the process for the last two years, even going so far as to take the draft report to the vice president of the college (and all kinds of Deans and muckety-mucks) without consulting task force chairs or members.

I won't even get into the details of the sabotage, but it was blatant and covered over by "woops, I made a mistake, but now we're bound by it."

I'll be resigning from my own fucking faculty senate. I'll likely be writing an open letter of no confidence in the chair. 

I have no idea what to do with my task force…we've been told to come back next month and try again.

I'm on sabbatical, I shouldn't have even been there today but we set wheels in motion in May (as we presented the recommendations for "discussion") so that we could present for action vote in October. Now learning that the chair did not put our May presentation as a "discussion" but rather an "update". Having not been on a discussion agenda prevents us from calling a vote. 

This could drag on for the rest of the year, if not longer… and I am not capable of showing up to a meeting every month in which I not only don't have faith in the chair, but believe her capable of sabotage and great intentional damage. Also great damaging ineptitude. 

So hurt. So angry. So much work, feeling so much like I let down the very people I've been fighting to get equity for…?

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hahaha so not only does +Free People sell…

hahaha so not only does +Free People sell expensive clothing for sticks, they now sell expensive sticks. Priceless.?

$68 sticks and more at the Free People Spirituality Shop

Stick afficionados, rejoice!

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I have completed my obligations for my task…

I have completed my obligations for my task force report and now can start to focus in earnest on my  #curiosityproject  for sabbatical.

Only 22 days late, NBD, right? ?

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Dirty women need run through the machine…

Dirty women need run through the machine.?

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You have 3 days left to get your $20 presale…

You have 3 days left to get your $20 presale tickets for our ?#?tatasforlibs? fundraiser. Presale tickets get you preferred seating at the event. You would genuinely prefer to sit in these seats. These are facts. Just look at this seating map.

Tatas for Libraries-on 9/20, 8pm, Norse Hall in Portland, OR- is going to blow minds, and you want to be as close as possible. $20 now will get you there. Help us reach our fundraising goal of 150 tickets by getting yours today.

PDXers, get on it:

#pdx   #burlesque   #libraries   #fundraiser  ?

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Holy sharks, this is my favorite thing….

Holy sharks, this is my favorite thing. I want to live in this youtube channel all day!?

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Hypothesis holds true. I have now been told…

Hypothesis holds true. I have now been told repeatedly that this didn't happen or that I misunderstood his motives.

It has now been suggested more than once that it was a poor attempt at hitting on me.

I have lost the ability to can.

Who hits on someone with words of accusation of theft?

My friends who commented in other areas of social media have now been accused of pro-black and anti-white racism.

I am so tired.?

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Pear babies are growing on trees in China…

wow that is so incredibly creepy

Make: originally shared this post:

Pear babies are growing on trees in China, with the help of plastic molds.?

Pear Babies Are Growing on Trees in China

Babies are growing on trees in China. Little babies with tiny facial features, closed eyes and daintily crossed hands. These are not normal babies though, these are pear babies. That’s right. Pears…

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Going to be staring a field log for the…

Going to be staring a field log for the curiosity project. I've been muddling about with it for months now, but let's call this official Day 1.

Most likely I'll keep a log here and will consider reposting to Tumblr.

Right now just trying to get piles of literature sorted. 

Thankful for a peptalk from my colleague Pam earlier this week. I was freaking out that the logistics of my project are falling apart (the people I proposed I would collaborate with are not available for a variety for reasons). I appreciated the reminder that the purpose of my sabbatical is to investigate, not to remain rigidly tied to a plan that is no longer viable.

I'll get a copy of the proposal up soon, but the short version is that I'm investigating how to bring together curiosity, maker thinking, and design thinking in support of greater student success at the community college.

#curiosityproject  ?

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