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hahaha so not only does +Free People sell…

hahaha so not only does +Free People sell expensive clothing for sticks, they now sell expensive sticks. Priceless.?

$68 sticks and more at the Free People Spirituality Shop

Stick afficionados, rejoice!

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I have completed my obligations for my task…

I have completed my obligations for my task force report and now can start to focus in earnest on my  #curiosityproject  for sabbatical.

Only 22 days late, NBD, right? ?

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Dirty women need run through the machine…

Dirty women need run through the machine.?

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You have 3 days left to get your $20 presale…

You have 3 days left to get your $20 presale tickets for our ?#?tatasforlibs? fundraiser. Presale tickets get you preferred seating at the event. You would genuinely prefer to sit in these seats. These are facts. Just look at this seating map.

Tatas for Libraries-on 9/20, 8pm, Norse Hall in Portland, OR- is going to blow minds, and you want to be as close as possible. $20 now will get you there. Help us reach our fundraising goal of 150 tickets by getting yours today.

PDXers, get on it:

#pdx   #burlesque   #libraries   #fundraiser  ?

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Holy sharks, this is my favorite thing….

Holy sharks, this is my favorite thing. I want to live in this youtube channel all day!?

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Hypothesis holds true. I have now been told…

Hypothesis holds true. I have now been told repeatedly that this didn't happen or that I misunderstood his motives.

It has now been suggested more than once that it was a poor attempt at hitting on me.

I have lost the ability to can.

Who hits on someone with words of accusation of theft?

My friends who commented in other areas of social media have now been accused of pro-black and anti-white racism.

I am so tired.?

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Pear babies are growing on trees in China…

wow that is so incredibly creepy

Make: originally shared this post:

Pear babies are growing on trees in China, with the help of plastic molds.?

Pear Babies Are Growing on Trees in China

Babies are growing on trees in China. Little babies with tiny facial features, closed eyes and daintily crossed hands. These are not normal babies though, these are pear babies. That’s right. Pears…

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Going to be staring a field log for the…

Going to be staring a field log for the curiosity project. I've been muddling about with it for months now, but let's call this official Day 1.

Most likely I'll keep a log here and will consider reposting to Tumblr.

Right now just trying to get piles of literature sorted. 

Thankful for a peptalk from my colleague Pam earlier this week. I was freaking out that the logistics of my project are falling apart (the people I proposed I would collaborate with are not available for a variety for reasons). I appreciated the reminder that the purpose of my sabbatical is to investigate, not to remain rigidly tied to a plan that is no longer viable.

I'll get a copy of the proposal up soon, but the short version is that I'm investigating how to bring together curiosity, maker thinking, and design thinking in support of greater student success at the community college.

#curiosityproject  ?

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I am SO PUMPED about leaving Facebook soon…

I am SO PUMPED about leaving Facebook soon. (After Tatas for Libraries, which is September 20th, for those who hadn't heard).

I took today off of FB and it was delightful. Every day I don't have FB on my radar just feels better. 

Facebook causes me immense anxiety, I have no idea why. I don't suggest it makes sense – I don't feel any of that about any other social media service. There's just so much pressure and expectation around Facebook.

Also there's that thing with the absolutely ridiculous UI, crackpot privacy ish, and content filtering options that were crafted by a special needs giraffe who has never in its life seen or encountered a single person… or giraffe.?

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I’ve seen a lot of “this is why” posts going…

I've seen a lot of "this is why" posts going around that attempt to generalize large groups of people, probably with good intentions. I guess this is one of those.

This is why black people observant people people think racism is alive and well in America.

I went to the Ace Harware in St Johns today. I'm a longtime Ace fan, I even wrote my GRE essay about the user experience differences between the big orange store and the small red store. My ex-husband managed Ace stores in two states – if you can be hokey enough to think you're family with a string of franchised hardware stores, that'd be me. 

I was shopping for trash cans all over today, and decided to stop in at Ace. I'm a peculiar trash can person, because I like to use paper grocery bags instead of plastic trash bags. Finding a can that fits a paper grocery bag is a challenge. I forgot my test bag, so I went to the register to ask for a bag. I explained that I was using it to test the size of something. The guy shrugged and gave me a bag, we smiled at each other.

I went back down the trash can aisle and took some off of the shelf, shoving my paper sack in to see how much the corners got crunched up in the bottom. As I was just putting the bag into the first test can a different guy came down the aisle and walked straight up to me.

He stood uncomfortably close to me (I was wearing pajama pants and a tank top, somehow that seems relevant) and just stared at me for a few. I stared back. 

Then he said, "I see, you just came in here to steal our bags," and shook his head at me. I stared at him more. 

"What?" I asked, because it literally made no sense.

"You're here stealing our bags," he said.

"No, I'm here shopping for a trash can."

"So that's your bag, you brought it into the store with you?"

"No I got it from the guy at the regist….hey, why are you stalking me on the trash can aisle? I'm really uncomfortable right now."

"What? I'm not stalking you, I'm being…" He stops and points to the walkie-talkie earpiece he has in and says, "Sorry, it's just a bad connection."

"Okay, so again, why are you stalking me around the store accusing me of theft?"

"What? No, no, no. You misunderstand. I'm being helpful," and he points to his earpiece again before continuing, "We help people here."

Yes, Ace is the helpful place. I know the slogan.

At this point he's stammering some explanation about getting a crackly message that said I probably needed help on the trash can aisle and that's why he came. Meanwhile, a middle-aged white person is standing 3 feet away desperate for help. You can tell because of the hand-waving and beseeching eyes. He never did notice that person.

What you are doing is racially profiling me and I am calling you on it, mid-step. 

At this point he shuffles off down the aisle, feeling…well I don't know what. I'm feeling upset, and sad, and angry and… strangely ashamed. Ashamed because I'm wearing snoopy pajama pants and a baggy roller derby tank top and somehow I'm looking for a reason to blame me. Like, I don't look like a professional educator so it must be okay, right? Like what they said about people who go shopping in their pajamas must be true – he's accusing me of theft because I am sloppy and I deserve it, right?

That's when I hear him get to the end of the aisle and radio in, "No, she's hostile. Someone else should go," or something to that effect. Yes it contained the word hostile.

I'm in the middle of puzzling through my feelings and trying to decide whether to buy the damn can or leave in a huff and not patronize this business any further when a woman employee appears in the aisle. She calls down, "Anyone need any help?" and I say no. 

By this point the person who really did need help looks so uncomfortable and confused that I don't think they know if they want to buy a damn whatever either. 

The lady employee calls back, "Cool!" and heads off again.

I decide to not shoot myself in the foot and spend more gas tooling around town when the can I need is right here. I grab two and notice that one has a big hole in it, so I grab that one also so I can give it to the store folks to process as damaged inventory. (Yes, I worked in retail for a LONG time.)

I go to stand in line (this is the trade off of the small red store, you will stand in line while slow old people ring things up) and the first "helpful" guy is standing there waiting to wheel something out for some people. He has to stand there for a long while because the customer is disagreeing about the price with the cashier.

The entire time he's standing there he is staring at me, nearly unblinking. Just staring.

I make my purchase at the other register just as he's wheeling his customer's trolley to the car.

"Sorry again for the misunderstanding," he says to me.

It's not a misunderstanding. It's racial profiling. I know this because the first words out of your mouth were to ask if I was stealing. I know this because you felt you had the right to stand so close to me as to try to make me take a step back. I know because this shit happens to me every damn day in one way or another.

And this long story? This is not why black people think know racism is alive and well in America.

We know because at least one person will write me back and tell me to be less sensitive. 

At least one person will tell me this didn't really happen.

At least one person will tell me that I'm a racist because I immediately knew I was being profiled. That "you people" want to see racism everywhere. 

This is why I'm so tired some days.

This is why there is still so much work to be done.?

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